Wedding Services / Options:  

  • Your Personalized Wedding Ceremony
  • One Free Consultation Meeting
  • Directing Your Wedding Rehearsal
  • Premarital Counseling and One-time Follow up Marriage Counseling
    Jay Myers, MDiv, is an ordained non-denominational minister and pastoral
    counselor with almost 30 years of ministry experience.  He will tailor your wedding to reflect your desires, relationship and vows. 
    He has married and counseled over approximately two hundred couples.


Hope|Wisdom|Healing                                                                          Counseling and Speaking
                                                                                              Jay and Ingrid Myers


  • Wedding.  Jay will personalize the wedding ceremony for each couple in the pattern of a classic Christian wedding.   Jay wants to help make your wedding very special because each couple is planning to marry for life yet enjoyable and relaxing since this is a wonderful celebration of two becoming one.
  • Free Consultation Meeting.  Jay will meet each couple for one time to get acquainted and discuss the options for your wedding.  He will show each couple the typical pattern of a Christian wedding ceremony yet personalize it for each couple.
  • Rehearsal.  Jay recommends a rehearsal, especially for weddings with 6 or more attendants in the wedding party. These are normally the night before the wedding or it can be held the day of and he can direct it, if needed. However, he strongly recommends a wedding coordinator or day-of coordinator, especially for weddings with 100 or more people attending and 6 or attendants in the wedding party.  This makes your special day so much more organized and enjoyable.
  • Pre-marital Counseling and Homework.  This is not required but highly recommended.  The standard program is 6-8 hours of counseling, which is 5 sessions every other week and one follow up session 6 months to one year after the wedding. Each person does 6-8 hours of homework.  This takes from 3-5 months and can be planned even before engagement.  Jay is also a Certified Premarital Counselor with the State of Texas through Twogether in Texas.  So couples receive a $60 discount off their marriage license and at any Texas county courthouse.  Couples may have Jay conduct their premarital counseling without using him as their officiant if they so choose.
  • One Time Follow-up Marriage Counseling.  Jay will help the couple assess their progress and challenging areas and offer specific tools and insight for relational improvement for session.  If further sessions are desired, he is happy to help.   
  • Fees.
    • Wedding: $325
    • Rehearsal: $150
    • Counseling, standard program: $400

    If you have temporary financial difficulty he may reduce your fee.  Feel free to discuss this with him.  Hope for the Journey is a non-profit ministry and wants to help those who are in a temporary financial crisis.    

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